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30. December 2020

So, it looks like this year is finally coming to an end. Holidays with the family was great, despite the curfews. For better or for worse, this year was definitely very eventful (probably for worse lol). I wonder if 2021 will be any different?

Happy new year!

4. November 2020

Damn... The current US presidential election is by far the funniest shit I've seen in a while...

31. October 2020

Glad that I’m done with most of my school stuff. The past few weeks have truly been literal hell on earth, fitting for this October. Ironic that we’re also having a full moon on this years Halloween.

16. October 2020

I just realized I didn't make a video in a while...

I have enough other things to worry about atm :(

13. October 2020

Looking how people lived in urban victorian era Britain, it's pretty much just Cyberpunk 2077 1877.

4. August 2020

Server is up. Pls no hackerino.